For The Record

Headstick June 2011 001At present, I use the free version of WordPress to produce this blog. I anticipate upgrading to the premium version within the next few months, but right now I don’t feel quite ready to take that step.

Free blogs, of course, must draw money for the company that provides the software, and WordPress generates revenue by selling advertizing. This morning, my fellow blogger Michelle Lesley ( posted about concerns that her readers have voiced about inappropriate ads they saw on her blog. In an effort to be preemptive regarding possible offensive ads here, I’d like to quote a portion of what she wrote:

I want to assure you that I had no knowledge that these ads were appearing, as I cannot see them from my end. I also have no control over which ads are placed on my site.

I have contacted Word Press about the ads. This is the response they sent me:

“We endeavour to make sure that no inappropriate ads are shown, but occasionally some do make it through. If you or any of your visitors see inappropriate ads, we ask that you (or they) take a screenshot of the ad and forward it to us at”

Since I am unable to see the ads, I would be most grateful if you would alert Word Press in this way whenever you see an ad that’s inappropriate.

I would appreciate the same assistance from my readers until I take the plunge of upgrading. Like Michelle, I desire for my  blog to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, reflecting His holiness. Please understand, therefore, that any ads you  may see don’t mean that I recommend the product or approve of how an ad communicates its message.

On a similar vein, you may have noticed two distinct blogrolls on my sidebar. The first blogroll, Discernment Blogs links to blogs which I believe provide sound doctrinal content. Of course these blogs (just like my blog) are authored by fallible men and women, all of whom readily admit their sinfulness. Each of them (as do I) would urge you to examine their posts against Scripture. In admitting the imperfections in these blogs, however, I also believe they present God’s Word as accurately as a human being can. I therefore endorse them with gratitude for the way the Lord uses them to teach me more about Him.

The second blogroll, Blogs By Friends, showcases blogs by ladies I know either personally or online. Whether they write about the Lord or about other topics, I always look forward to their posts, and think  my readers might be interested in them. I may not agree with everything they say, but I value their perspectives and treasure their friendships.

With these clarifications explained, I plan to resume my normal course of blogging next time. Isn’t it good, though, to know where we stand?

4 thoughts on “For The Record

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this about your new adventure with WordPress. It is very helpful!

    You’re such a good writer, articulate and thoughtful. I am still mulling the Blogger v. WP move. Pros and cons to both sides. Your new blog looks absolutely lovely though, I really like what you’ve done with the place, lol 🙂


  2. Welcome to WordPress, Debbie! I think you will like it! I too made the switch from Blogger to WordPress a few years back. I think most people respect that in offering a free product, WordPress has to pick up revenues somewhere — I mean, for crying out loud, somebody’s gotta keep the lights on! But having started with the free-bee, I was compelled to bite the bullet and upgrade to the premium package. Currently, my WordPress blog is hosted someplace else but for the years I did have the premium package, it was well worth it. Also, I updated your link on HS with your new address! 🙂


  3. You highlight one of the reasons I went to a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you decide to make the jump to self hosted, I would recommend the hosting service I use. I don’t want this to be a spam comment, so if you are interested, contact me and I will put you in touch with them. If I can help in any other way, let me know. Happy Bloggin!


    • I’ll keep that in mind. Mark. Thanks.

      Bear in mind, I’m on a fixed income. According to my husband’s research, WordPress Premium is the most affordable package. He sells web-hosting tools, so I trust his judgment.


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