Bully For The Truth

We got a notice yesterday explaining the new anti-bullying policies governing our apartment complex. Of course I don’t condone true bullying. But the vague wording (particularly in reference to cyber-bullying) causes me to wonder if this blog might eventually classify as cyber-bullying because I dare to speak out against homosexuality, against false teachers and about human depravity.

In today’s culture, those of us who adhere to sound Biblical doctrine definitely run the risk of being perceived as bullies because we dare to stand against the humanistic philosophies that elevate man and denigrate Jesus Christ. If people do identify as Christians, many of them accentuate Jesus’ love and compassion while ignoring His hatred of sin andGospel Doctrine His demands of repentance. Many professing Christians want Him as a Savior Who takes the punishment for their sins, but they reject Him as Lord Who bought them with His blood.  As a result, they join the world in judging us as bigots who seek to impose our narrow morality on everyone else.

Certainly, Biblical Christians believe things that, to be honest, we’d rather deny. None of us enjoys the doctrine of hell, especially if we have lost beloved family members who rejected Christ throughout their lives. Similarly, few of us like confronting loved ones who engage in sexual activity outside the boundaries of heterosexual marriage. And believe me, it’s no fun whatsoever to point out ways that popular evangelical teachers misrepresent the Gospel. Standing up for the Lord takes courage and self-denial.

Yet we persist in taking Biblical stands for one simple reason: we love truth.

Most assuredly, our Biblical stands will eventually be considered “bullying,” even though we do our best to present the Gospel gently and lovingly. Perhaps my blog and other online activity will be interpreted as cyber-bullying, even jeopardizing my lease. I hope not. But, as John reminded me this morning, we must obey God, not man (Acts 5:27-29).

One thought on “Bully For The Truth

  1. The enemy has lots of tactics to silence the truth from being told, and still we are to speak it and stand for it, even when they force us into silence still to stand having our armour on.


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