Meat For Hungry Web Crawlers

Have you checked out the discernment blogs on my sidebar yet? These blogs, written by people who have shown themselves trustworthy in handling God’s Word  (2 Timothy 2:15), help me enormously in developing an understanding of Biblical teaching. I don’t necessarily agree with every little comment they make (for example, Reformation21 accepts infant baptism, and I hold to believer’s baptism), but they all support the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. If you want good, solid blogs, take advantage of them.

Additionally, let me recommend a few websites that offer sound teaching through podcasts and or articles. I begin by unabashedly referring you to First Baptist Church of Weymouth, Massachusetts, where John and I worship. On the right side of the home page, you’ll find links to the weekly Fellowship In Truth podcast and to the Sunday sermons.

Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boyleston, Massachusetts has an extensive sermon archive, as well as daily podcasts of No Compromise Radio.  You can also subscribe to No Compromise videos on their YouTube channel.

Don’t miss the Voddie Baucham Ministries | Grace Family Baptist Church website from Spring, Texas. This site features sermons by other pastors at Grace Family Baptist (with a topical index!), as well as Voddie’s Blog.

Of course, Grace To You has more resources than I could possibly list today. John MacArthur’s teaching covers a wide array of subjects, and insists on the Bible as the believer’s sole authority. Take time to snoop around this website. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

In later posts, I plan to recommend more websites offering Bible based teaching, but today is my handsome husband’s birthday, and I want to share a birthday dinner with him. I do want to encourage you to take everything (including my blog) back to God’s Word, making sure that anything you read lines up with it’s clear doctrines. All preachers and bloggers are fallible human beings with blind spots, and we require that people measure our words against Scripture. But these four websites, as well as the blogs on my sidebar, represent people who love God’s Word and work hard to present it accurately. Therefore I commend them to you with unreserved confidence.

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