Don’t Mistake Windshields For The View

Today, let me offer a thought-provoking quotation as a reminder to focus on the Lord rather than on Reformed theology for its own sake:


Windshields are one of those technological wonders we have all gotten used to. In fact, they work best when you don’t notice them, when they are invisible so that all you can see is what they reveal.

I am concerned that many Calvinists today do little more than celebrate how wonderfully clear their theological windshield is. But like a windshield, Reformed theology is not an end in itself. It is simply a window to the awe-inspiring universe of God’s truth, filled with glory, beauty, and grace. Do we need something like a metaphorical windshield of clear, biblical truth to look through as we hope to marvel at God’s glory? Absolutely. But we must make sure that we know the difference between staring at a windshield and staring through one.

~ Greg Dutcher

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One thought on “Don’t Mistake Windshields For The View

  1. Excellent point! My dear hubby says something similar about faith. He says many have faith in faith, however then our focus is off of Christ.

    Also something else, our works….although doing works for works sake is nice, it takes focus off of Christ, looking at our works as something to take pride in, it also is “looking at the windshield”. Once my husband said to me: “a child runs into the street and gets hit by a car and a man says “I must do good and help that child!” and runs out to help him….another situation a child runs into the street and gets hit by a car and a bystander simply dashes out to help without even thinking about it. The first one does good to “be good” the second one runs out because God put it in his heart.

    I realize this is slightly off the topic of Calvinism, but as a Christian our focus has many directions in which to be misdirected. If we only focus on our Calvinist theology (which is “good”) we might miss the greater good of the miraculous work the Holy Spirit does in us and through us changing us to be more like Him. 😉


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