6 thoughts on “That Was Then

  1. Thank you DebbieLynne, this truly is an excellent presentation on this. I consider myself a Dutch Reform Protestant, although I don’t tightly hold to everything in that denomination, but was concerned that many Protestants, particularly the reform Protestants (in the spirit of the Lord’s corrections to some of the 7 churches in the book of Revelation) had this one problem of denying that the Lord is still actively involved in the ministry and ministering of the church.

    After the 50 minute mark, probably many charismatics if they would listen to Pastor Johnson at all would have given up long before this point, he differentiates between miracles and God’s providential power, and that the regenerating power of salvation and sanctification are indeed miraculous. I was very glad to hear him say this and learn we are on the same page on this topic.

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