Why Blog About Cannoli Quests?

Cannoli quest 05This past week, I’ve been enjoying the DVD of Julie and Julia (courtesy of Netflix). I loved the story of  Julie Powell’s blog, and found myself identifying with many of her emotional responses to blogging. Of course, I found myself nurturing feelings of jealousy that her blog gained such notoriety, especially thinking that my last blog never exceeded 200 views in a single day…even after 9 years. This blog has gotten up to 63 hits on its best days, which tells me that most of my old readers have not followed me over here.

John pointed out that more people care about food than about Christianity. Well, yeah. He makes a good point. If I blogged, for example, about the joys and challenges of  navigating Boston in power wheelchairs, I’d probably attract more readers. But that sort of blog no longer interests me.

Whether Jesus returns during  my lifetime or 2000 years from now, I believe that Christians in the United States have  very little time to publicly proclaim the Gospel. Furthermore, I believe way too many people who call themselves evangelicals have abandoned clear Biblical teaching in favor of “Christian” fads that feed their fleshly appetites rather than drawing them to the meat of God’s Word.

In addition, I turn 62 this week. Consequently, I feel what few abilities I have slipping away. To put it bluntly, I enjoy typing less and less as it requires more and more time and effort. So far, I still take pleasure in blogging, but I realize my body won’t let me type this much forever. I don’t want to waste what little time I have  blogging about driving my wheelchair through Boston’s North End in search of cannolis when I can use that time to call people to the Lord.

Sure, I’d like higher numbers in my blog stats for selfish reasons (I’m not going to lie). But I also have more  noble reasons. I want more people to know the Lord, and I  want more professing Christians to make sure they follow the true Jesus. I earnestly believe Biblical Christianity is on the brink of having to go underground in my country, so I  sense an urgency to get the Gospel out to as many people as possible. Julie Powell only offered a narrative of cooking through Julia Child’s recipes. I proclaim the eternal Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

8 thoughts on “Why Blog About Cannoli Quests?

  1. DebbieLynne – A very thoughtful post. I too would like your readership to be higher for the reasons you declare; that the true Gospel be proclaimed to more. Bless you for realizing that ‘time may be limited’. We are all aging; you have admitted that physically the typing will become even more demanding.
    Personally, I feel the urgency to evangelize because we truly do not know when our last breath will be taken? In 2010 my health took a decline and even though some healing has transpired it has been a wake-up call that I could also become worse.
    Praying for all of us to redeem our time for His glory with whatever opportunities He provides.


    • Please start blogging, Bev. The more I read your comments, the more I sense you have a lot to say. I’m interested in learning about your walk with the Lord and what He’s taught you through His Word.


      • Aww, thank you for the encouragement. I will gladly share my testimony as time permits. If it appears that I comment quite often it could be because I want to encourage bloggers like you. We need your voices out there. I feel my ministry is to provide links to others of websites like yours. The onus is then between them and the Lord whether they want to aspire to “hear” the truth.
        I may not be able to comment as often as there are some extra tasks that I will be called to starting in October.
        I have to be careful what I say as the man who no longer desires to be my husband has endeavoured to see what websites I visit. Presently, I am the only Christian on both sides of the family. I know many would be offended with that comment but that’s because many are just professing Christians – I don’t have many friends either because of my strong stance for the true Gospel.
        Have a blessed time of worship as you go to your Christ-honouring church. I long for that and yet am very, very grateful for internet access to many preacher / teachers.


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