Sites Of The Word

Thy Word is a LampPresent day evangelicals, sadly, lack Biblical literacy. We could probably spend a great deal of time discussing the various reasons for this tragedy (and make no mistake, it is indeed a profound tragedy), and we’d come away feeling quite erudite and perhaps a little smug. It might be more helpful, therefore, if I offered links to a few websites that provide assistance in understanding what Scripture teaches. is an excellent site for new Christians as well as for “senior saints.” You need only to type in a keyword (such as “grace” or “transubstantiation”) for the search bar to prompt several questions. I have minor disagreements with their four-point Calvinism as opposed to all five points, but overall I highly recommend this site for providing answers to questions about Scripture.

If you’d like a free online Bible with a wide variety of translations and study aids, check out or To my frustration, both sites offer translations and paraphrases that should really be avoided, but if you use solid translations like the ESV, KJV, NASB or the NKJV, you should be fine.

Really adventurous Bible students might want to try, which has a dazzling (if not overwhelming) variety of Bible Study tools. To be truthful, I haven’t spent much time using BibleHub yet; I think I’d better start investigating its features, though. Thankfully, it only offers legitimate translations of God’s Word, so you won’t get confused by a misleading paraphrase.

Praise the Lord that we live in a time when technology gives us so much access to Bible Study tools! I appreciate being able to dig in to God’s Word and learn how to properly apply it to my life in ways that honor Christ.

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