Why My Life Is His

Those first two weeks of January 1971 hurt! I’d been reading the Bible, as well as consulting astrology books, Ouija boards and I forget what other resources, trying to determine if the feelings going through me represented “true love.”  Thankfully (although I wasn’t yet born again), the Holy Spirit had given me the conviction that I should trust the Bible over and above all the other resources as my ultimate authority.

Through various passages of Scripture I learned that my feelings for the young man in question came, not from love, but from selfishness (1 Corinthians 13:4-6) . As I continued reading, He further taught me through Matthew 5:8 that my impure fantasies about the  boy would prevent me from ever seeing God’s face. In short, I was going to hell.

That knowledge weighed heavily on my 17-year-old heart, and the liberal theology of the church I attended offered superficial relief. But on January 20 of that year, a Christian friend who had  no idea what I’d been struggling with quoted John 3:16. By God’s grace, I understood that Jesus had died for my sin.

Filled with relief, I knew that His act of giving His life for me required that I in turn live for Him. The hymn I’ve selected to feature today reminds me of that precious moment, nearly 45 years ago, when the Lord showed me His grace and claimed my life for His purposes.

2 thoughts on “Why My Life Is His

  1. “The hymn I’ve selected to feature today reminds me of that precious moment, nearly 45 years ago, when the Lord showed me His grace and claimed my life for His purposes.”
    AMEN! What a beautiful and precious Saviour!!


  2. Isn’t it amazing grace that Jesus was already speaking to your heart, and giving you the ability to hear Him prior to salvation!?! God can use anything, or anyone, when it is His will to reach His chosen to drag us to Himself.

    When I was about 12 years old (or so, don’t recall my exact age at the time of this) I was sitting in an SDA church with my little brothers. We used to take the tithing envelopes, peel them apart and use the pencil that was supposed to be for filling out the tithing envelope, to scrawl pictures and doodles on the inside of the envelope. It was one of those times that the SDA pastor (SDA is a cult, with a false prophetess for it’s leader, but they are right in one area, they still use the Bible in preaching) was talking on the four soils, and when the pastor got to the good soil I remember hearing the words spoken, hearing them so deeply that it caused this response in my thoughts and desires: “Lord I pray I am the good soil, I want to be good soil”…my response of course was from a selfish position of wanting to avoid hell…and I wouldn’t be saved until many years later, but I will always remember His drawing me to Him, even using a very fallible teacher full of wrong doctrines, to begin draw me to Himself, and to God alone be the glory!


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