Purposeful Autobiography: For His Honor

Head Stick Pics 006People throughout my life have often urged me to write an autobiographical book. This advice certainly appeals to my already inflated ego, but more serious consideration leads me to doubt that such a book would profit any publishing house brave (or stupid) enough  to underwrite such a project. And as I age (I’m 62 now), typing grows increasingly difficult for me, making the idea pretty unappealing.

Blogging suits my physical limitations at this point in life, though I started this particular blog back in July with the idea  of minimizing autobiographical elements. In my introductory post, I wrote:

Unlike my last blog, this blog won’t showcase my digital art except in the sense that I will use my creations, as well as John’s photos (many of which I’ll manipulate with Paintshop Pro) to illustrate my posts. Accordingly, I will also dispense with accounts of our “Boston Adventures” unless they contribute to Biblical discussion. In other words, I anticipate a greater emphasis on the Lord, with any autobiographical comment serving only as auxiliary material that will direct attention back to Him.

I haven’t changed my desire to use autobiographical material here for the sole purpose of magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that Christians in the United States most likely have little time left to publicly proclaim the Gospel and offer Biblical truth, so I don’t want to squander that precious time composing a vanity blog.

Yes, I’m physically disabled, yet I’ve done things that some people consider “amazing.” Get over it. I have!

At the moment, however, John and I think I should write a  series of posts about my spiritual progression. In doing so, I don’t want the focus on me. Rather, I propose to show the Lord’s grace and sovereignty as He has patiently brought me through various sinful patterns and questionable doctrinal positions to where I am now. He has worked so gently as He’s corrected me over the years, and His faithfulness to keep  me rooted in His Word both astonishes and delights me.

I pray that these stories from my life (which I’ll share only once or twice a week) will help you avoid the pitfalls that kept me spiritually retarded for so many years. But more than that, I pray that you will learn more about Who Christ is and how He desires us to worship Him. If I must write an account of my life, at least let me do so in a manner that honors Him and helps my readers know Him better. I don’t have time for anything less.

15 Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.   ~~Ephesians 5:15-16 (ESV)

6 thoughts on “Purposeful Autobiography: For His Honor

  1. Thank you Miss Debbie, for your thoughtful posts that both encourage and point to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Your life so inspires mine! Reading your ponderings have become a new joy added to my day.


  2. Whenever I think I have arrived, the Lord shows me He still has a long way to go with me…recently I saw a wonderful testimonial of a young man who came out of poverty, drugs, and rebellion, to owning and running a very successful restaurant. His story’s (although the article did not mention Jesus) bottom line assessment was, I thought, inspired. He said “Many people think success is in the destination…success is NOT in the destination, success is in the journey.” and it caused me to think about success in Jesus, and how our journey does not end with this life….not to build a doctrine on this, lol, but to realize how often we focus on the small things while God sees a much bigger picture than any of us do. I’m thankful He has given me life, and being alive, I continue to grow firmly rooted in Him. He is our bread of life, He is the Rock on which we stand, and the Light onto our feet on this great journey. 🙂


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