All Glory To His Name

Thanksgiving sets our minds of family gatherings…and food! John has a big family, so our Thanksgiving dinners feed over forty people. His cousin has remodeled her house twice to accommodate everyone!

But often, in our increasingly secularized society, we forget that we set aside the fourth Thursday of November to offer thanks to the Lord. “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing…” But do we really? Are we humble and childlike enough to acknowledge our complete dependence on Him and His kind provision toward us? As you enjoy today’s hymn, sung by sweet children, please remember that Thanksgiving gatherings should honor our Lord Jesus Christ.

Author: DebbieLynne

Most importantly I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondarily, I'm married to my wonderful husband, John. We've both used wheelchairs since childhood (he from Polio and me from Cerebral Palsy). I type with a headstick because I can't control my hands. I enjoy reading, creating digital art, and exploring Boston with John.

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