The Lesser Known World Changer

It has been nearly a month since Reformation Day, and this blog has taken other directions. I don’t regret those directions, but neither do I want to neglect writing about the Reformation.The topic is too important.

Present day evangelicals have forgotten how that point in history liberated Christians from the abuses of medieval Roman Catholicism, choosing to return to Biblical illiteracy. This choice  violently insults those brave men (and women) of the 16th Century who willingly gave their lives so that people would have full access to Scripture and therefore to Christ Himself.

I had planned to write about John Calvin, since his formulation of doctrine provides so much of Reformed theology’s structure. And I still intend to do so in the next few months, Lord willing. After all, a blog called The Outspoken TULIP can hardly ignore Calvin!

But the Lord, in His providence, has directed my attention to a lesser known Reformer who arguably has had an even greater impact on Christianity than Calvin. William Tyndale defied King Henry VIII and Cardinal Woolsey  by  producing an English translation of the Bible.

While I look forward to writing about Tyndale myself. I’ve decided to introduce him with this 33 minute video by Steven J. Lawson. If you’re rolling your eyes, thinking nothing could bore you more than a lecture on history, this powerful video just might surprise you.

2 thoughts on “The Lesser Known World Changer

  1. I love this video and I love the story of Tyndale! I got to see him share this lecture on Tyndale at the Inerrancy conference. Some history lectures can certainly be boring, but church history presented honestly should be exciting to the believer as they see God work throughout time!

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