Autobiography With Purpose: The Right Action For Wrong Reasons

Age 19Within months after the Lord brought me to salvation, someone encouraged me to pray that He would heal me of Cerebral Palsy. Although the two years I spent seeking this healing subjected me to intense spiritual abuse (which I will write about next time), the Lord  purified me from occult entanglements through my quest for healing.

My mother, in the years after Daddy died, had introduced me and my sister to astrology, yoga, the Ouija board and other occult practices. She saw these things as harmless amusements to be taken only half-seriously, whereas I found them compelling. Just prior to my salvation, in fact, I considered becoming an astrologer. Thankfully, my Christian friends and a Bible Study series that Kent taught convinced me that all these things came from demonic sources. I stopped playing with the occult immediately!

I kept my astrology paraphernalia in my room for about a year. I honestly don’t recall my rationale for hanging on to it, but I did.

Sometime in  that next year, some friends and I started attending a Pentecostal church on Sunday  mornings because Kent’s group only had meetings on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons/evenings. I’ll write about that church in more detail when I discuss the spiritual abuse I went through, but I mention it now because the pastors committed an hour after every Sunday service to praying and counseling with me regarding physical healing.

During one of those prayer sessions, the pastors “discerned” (with the charismatic understanding of “discernment”) that I had an occult background. I told them that I had repented, admitting that some of the stuff remained in my room. They responded that the Lord couldn’t heal me until I burned the books and flushed the  Zodiac jewelry down the toilet.

Eager to accelerate my healing, I enlisted a friend to gather all my occult stuff and take it to be burned. Of course the motivation tarnished my obedience with an attempt to manipulate God into healing me. Nevertheless, I praise the Lord for using that church to help me complete my repentance from occult involvement.

2 thoughts on “Autobiography With Purpose: The Right Action For Wrong Reasons

  1. I too have had occult entanglements. I am thankful the Lord brought us both out of that and into His glorious light through the gospel, and pray many people’s eyes will open to the truth as the days of this world continue to get darker.

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