Undistracted Christmas

Christmas calls us, first and foremost, to worship Christ. Not surprisingly, our increasingly secular culture, with its growing animosity to the Lord and all He stands for, tries desperately to have a December holiday that marginalizes Christ.

The angels who heralded His birth to the shepherds in Bethlehem knew, however, that the Child born that night deserved universal worship. He came as God Incarnate–the King of kings Who will someday return to reign over His creation.Though His birth was undeniably obscure, all of heaven understood its significance: the Lord of heaven and earth had come to liberate His people from their own sin!

Thus, Biblical Christians persevere through the secular distractions of the season, convinced that presents and family and decorations (while nice) must never eclipse Christ. This season should renew our desire to give Him the praise, honor and adoration that only He deserves, as today’s Christmas hymn reminds us.


One thought on “Undistracted Christmas

  1. Hi Debbielynne, Thank you for your wonderful blog. I thoroughly enjoy and am encouraged by it. And I really enjoy hearing your own personal story. As for Christmas, for many years now I have been feeling guilty and sad that I could just not get into the “Christmas spirit.” It sort of ruined every December for me, and it almost felt to me that I was sinning. Finally, I came to the realization that I really do not have to celebrate Christmas. It’s not a biblical command like communion and baptism. I don’t have to bake cookies, send Christmas cards, or decorate the outside of my house. Of COURSE, I’m thrilled that Jesus was born, and I still sing the carols at church as worship and I still give gifts to my loved ones, but I’m free from the pressure of doing all the Christmasy things and feeling Christmasy. I have enjoyed my Decembers much much more. No more guilt :o)


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