What More Can He Say

At my funeral, I want them to sing “How Firm A Foundation.” I want them to sing all five verses. On a basic level, I want them to sing it because it’s been my favorite hymn for the majority of my life. Its melody is an old Irish tune befitting my fondness for my Irish ancestry, so how can I help  but love it?

But its real treasure shines through its lyrics. The first stanza boldly affirms the sufficiency of Scripture by asking, “What more can He say than to you He has said?” Why seek anything beyond all the promises of grace and security that He gives us in the Bible? The next four verses pretty much show how His Word assures us of His grace, leaving us no reason to crave further revelation.

No one needs to attend my funeral in order to sing about the wonderful way the Lord speaks to us, or about how the Bible reveals everything He wants us to know about Him. By His sufficient grace, His Word is also enough to be our supply. As you listen to this precious hymn, praise God for this reminder that God’s Word gives us everything we need.

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