Not Another Beth Moore Post!

Bible ShadowAccording to my stats, people gravitate to my posts that expose the various problems with Beth Moore. That’s good. She has led far too many women (and perhaps men) into a self-centered imitation of Christianity, convincing them that God gives her extra-biblical revelation. And as I posted Tuesday, she “inspires” her followers to an almost cult-like loyalty that causes disturbingly vicious reactions whenever anyone questions her teachings.

I don’t regret having written that post, and I appreciate Glen Chatfield and Landon Chapman for linking to it in their blogs. People need to know when popular evangelical teachers and practices distort the Word of God. In future posts, I fully expect times when I’ll address areas in which evangelicals compromise Scripture because I believe Christians have a responsibility to fight for doctrinal purity.

Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.~~Jude 3 (ESV)

So, you ask, how should someone “contend for the faith?” Exposing the doctrinal errors of people like Beth Moore, Rick Warren and Sarah Young as well as aberrations like Charismatic worship, Holy Yoga and the Church Growth Movement needs to be done by as many people as possible. False teachings cause tremendous damage by distracting  people from the Lord Jesus Christ and/or by distorting His character.

But calling out false teachers, as well as critiquing unbiblical movements, degenerates into mere gossip unless we present right doctrine. For that reason, I have tried (and will  continue to try) presenting sound teaching that points women to Christ and His Word.

Sadly, my blog stats show that few of my readers bother with my more doctrinal articles. That fact troubles me. As I see it, evangelicals fall for teachers like Beth Moore and practices like Holy Yoga because they lack discernment.

And discernment comes only as we study the Bible enough to understand its doctrines. As we learn, for example, to read the Old Testament as the actual history of God’s dealings with Israel, we’ll easily distinguish which principles apply exclusively to Israel and which principles extend to Christians. As a result, we’ll have little difficulty  noticing when Beth Moore mistakenly twists a passage into a self serving allegory that has nothing to do with the context of the passage, but everything to do with her. In fact, an understanding of Scripture’s teaching on the nature of man will show us the narcissism of Moore’s brand of Christianity.

Admittedly, I am not a Bible scholar. My degree is a mere Bachelor’s in English Literature. But I am learning to read God’s Word in context, and I am acquainted with the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. Furthermore, I am growing in my understanding of God’s Word and of these essential doctrines. So rather than focus my blog only on the errors of popular teachers and movements, I believe I serve my readers better by highlighting the great truths of the Bible and encouraging you to study God’s Word for yourselves. I pray that more of you would take advantage of my essays regarding sound doctrine.

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3 thoughts on “Not Another Beth Moore Post!

  1. So true about the importance of correct doctrine, DebbieLynne. Many think it brings division and strife, but the truth of the matter is that those who wish to hang on to antiBiblical beliefs are the strife-bringers. All arguments end with “What does the Bible say about it?” Great post.


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