Confessions Of An Ambulance Chaser

Erin Benziger’s blog post yesterday raised a point about discernment blogs beating the same tired drums over and over. Since reading her remark, I’ve been trying to decide if I agree with her or not.

Certainly, the Lord has used Erin enormously in my spiritual development these past few years, and she played an indirect role in helping me and John find our current church. I praise Him for her influence on my theology. She is a godly young woman who loves the Lord and holds a high view of Scripture. I appreciate her ladies only podcast, Equipping Eve, for offering Biblical instruction (and gently snarky humor) to women. In short, I admire her greatly.

But admiration, if left unchecked, can corrode into idolatry. To avoid falling into that sin, I have a responsibility to evaluate everything, including Erin’s blog and podcast, through the grid of Scripture. So, even though I agree with 99% of what she says, I don’t automatically nod my head to everything she puts online.

Erin has a good point in observing that discernment bloggers (to paraphrase her words) chase the same ambulances for days on end. People love jumping on bandwagons, and apparently I follow the “discernment ministry” crowd in our own bandwagons that warn against the various evangelical fads that lead professing Christians away from sound Biblical doctrine. Yes, Reformed  Christians drive our own  bandwagons to protest the proliferating number of unbiblical bandwagons that attract undiscerning evangelicals.

Often, I come to this blog agitated by other bloggers’ critiques of various assaults on the sufficiency of Scripture. I want to add my voice to theirs. My love for God’s Word and my ability to write lead me to believe that I  can, and should, add to the conversation.

So I must determine whether I am, in fact, adding, or merely duplicating. And, if I’m merely duplicating, I need to ask whether or not that duplication really brings anything to the conversation. If I simply regurgitate what the other bloggers write, I can hardly claim to exercise discernment!

But once I determine that a blogger’s remarks indeed align with God’s Word, do I need to add my voice? After all, these other bloggers are much more established than I, and therefore I shouldn’t encroach on their territory.

Along those lines, the writer in me insists that I should strive for some degree of originality, rather than simply echoing the concerns of other bloggers. But such a perspective, when I seriously think about it, becomes more about asserting my supposed intellectual prowess than about contending for the faith. So what if I echo men and women who stand firmly on Biblical principles? As long as I examine their points and make sure that they really do line up with Scripture, why shouldn’t I link arms with those whom I recognize as more knowledgeable than I?

I have readers that may not look at the blogs that inspire me. Some of my readers, it pains me to say, still believe some of the poor teachings that waft through evangelical circles, seeing no contradiction between these teachings and Scripture read in context. As yet, some of them haven’t been exposed to discernment ministry, so they don’t question evangelical bandwagons. Although I frequently post things to Twitter and Facebook that more erudite people than I write, I strongly suspect that my friends and followers are more apt to read my blog than the blogs I recommend.

Consequently, I’ll jump on bandwagons by reputable bloggers who handle Scripture properly, risking accusations that I do little more than duplicate their points. Rather than build my reputation as an original writer, I want to glorify the Lord by standing with other Christians who honor His Word by repudiating false doctrine. The Lord’s glory means more to me than trying to blog like Erin.

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4 thoughts on “Confessions Of An Ambulance Chaser

  1. I’ve come to really embrace Alpha & Omega Ministries. Go to YouTube and watch a couple episodes of The Dividing Line. James White is a extremely accomplished apologist. You’ll like his ability to stay on point and address the highest scholarship of this ministry


  2. I appreciate your blog just the way it is. I don’t have the time or energy to read every blog on the “bandwagon”. Yours is one of four that click with me. I have checked out others that you and others have posted a link to, and for whatever reason I have not returned to them for further reading. You are providing a valuable service. Thank you.


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