A Bedtime Prayer

Usually I post a hymn here each Sunday. In scrambling to find one to post, I typed “Fernando Ortega” into my YouTube search box last night and discovered his charming song, “Jesus King of Angels.” Simply put: I fell in love with it!

Does it qualify as a hymn? I don’t know. Certainly, it extols Christ for both His infinite power and His personal love, so I believe we could get  away with calling it a hymn. But at the very least, it’s a touching and compelling bedtime prayer suitable for children and adults alike. May we fall asleep tonight trusting His care for us

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Author: DebbieLynne

Most importantly I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondarily, I'm married to my wonderful husband, John. We've both used wheelchairs since childhood (he from Polio and me from Cerebral Palsy). I type with a headstick because I can't control my hands. I enjoy reading, creating digital art, and exploring Boston with John.

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