Definite/Limited Atonement

I came across this blog post Monday, and appreciated how much it brings to the conversation on Limited Atonement. I hope the included Scriptures prove helpful as you study this difficult doctrine.

The Reformed Reader

Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Volume 2 One of the doctrines of grace is the biblical teaching that Jesus died to redeem his sheep, God’s people, the elect.  For example, the Westminster Larger Catechism says that “redemption is certainly applied, and effectually communicated, to all those for whom Christ hath purchased it, who are in time by the Holy Spirit enabled to believe in Christ according to the gospel” (WLC Q/A 59).

Not all Christians agree with this statement.  And, of course, the words of the WLC are neither inspired nor infallible, nor are they of highest authority.  What does the Bible say?  That’s the main question.  I do believe that the WLC phrase, though not inspired, accurately echoes the truth of Scripture: Christ died to actually redeem the elect.  Francis Turretin (d. 1687) wrestled through this issue, and found some great Biblical proof for it.  I’ve put the biblical proof below (though I have edited Turretin’s…

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