Center Of Unbroken Praise

Why do we envision heaven as a place that will cater to our desires (as long as they’re not “sinful”)? Once a seemingly mature Christian friend told me that, for each of us, God would make heaven be whatever the individual wanted it to be. For example, her heaven would be filled with chocolate, while mine would consist of endless books.

Her view of heaven appeals to our innate narcissism, certainly, but it totally misses the Biblical truth that heaven revolves around the Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll experience indescribable joy, yes. But not the joy of Godiva truffles or laying on a cloud as I read Chaucer.

The joy will come as we behold Jesus, praising Him without the self-centeredness that distracts us from Him here on earth. The lyrics to “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” remind me of that glorious day when He  restores all creation to sing His praise!

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