Saturday Sampler–May 22 Through May 28

Rose SamplerWeekends have gotten more complicated for me in terms of blogging, through I can’t really figure out why. So I thought I’d try giving you a sampling of various articles that interest me throughout each week. I enjoy seeing what other people read, so maybe you’d like exploring articles that spark my interest. Perhaps the Lord will use one or two of these blog posts to encourage or challenge you.

Let’s start with But Please, Don’t Call Me A Discernment Blogger. Okay, I’m humbled by this one! I’m still wrestling with its implications for this blog.

The Backside Blessings of Blogging resonated with me. I’ve personally enjoyed each of these blessings.

I loved the balance and Biblical firmness in Global warming and climate change –recent developments and a call to discernment.

Don’t miss Why I Am Not A Roman Catholic by Tim Challies.

Elizabeth  Prata offers The Master’s Seminary’s Strange Fire Q/A on whether or not cessationists “pick and choose” which gifts of the Spirit still operate.

Pulpit & Pen raises concerns that American Christians may idolize the idea of religious liberty. Check out their article, Worshiping Religious Liberty: SBC joins mosque building effort. Wow…talk about compromise!

Theology for Girls gives us B.B. Warfield’s teaching, Paul on Women Speaking in the Church that challenges even me.It’s something to take us back into Scripture.

Pastor Jeremy Garber (who serves the church I belong to) preached this convicting sermon on Mary’s Worship, Part 1 last Sunday. I look forward to Part 2 tomorrow!

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