How Many Reasons?

The Lord Jesus Christ has indeed given us more temporal blessings than we could ever begin  to count. Let me list just a few of mine:

  1. A mom who encouraged my independence
  2. Friends who included  me in activities
  3. Opportunities to travel
  4. Being mainstreamed into “regular” school
  5. College
  6. My writing abilities
  7. My digital art abilities
  8. Ministry opportunities
  9. Friends who listened and prayed with me
  10. A power wheelchair
  11. My headstick that enables me to type
  12. My Dell computer
  13. Personal Care Attendants
  14. All my wonderful adventures in Boston
  15. Belonging to First Baptist Church Weymouth
  16. Best of all temporal blessings, my wonderful husband John

As glorious as all those blessings are, however, I enjoy even greater blessings in knowing Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He gives me:

  1. Forgiveness of sin
  2. The faith that leads to salvation
  3. A hunger for righteousness
  4. Scripture that reveals Who He is
  5. His righteousness in exchange for my depravity
  6. Assurance that I belong to Him
  7. The constant presence of His Holy Spirit
  8. The guidance of His Word
  9. A heavenly Father
  10. The knowledge that He understands my weaknesses
  11. The grace to resist sin
  12. The power to obey Him
  13. Increasing grace to reflect His nature
  14. Joy in knowing Him
  15. The sure hope of heaven
  16. Best of all, eternity with Him!

Today’s praise song reminds me of how much this amazing God offers each  of His children. I’ve only listed 32 of my reasons for praising Him, but I’m sure I can think of at least 10,000 more.

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