Saturday Sampler — May 29 Through June 4

Three BeautiesI don’t know about you, but I have struggles witnessing face-to-face. Tuesday’s article on Cripplegate encouraged me to persevere through those Awkward Gospel Conversions.

Have you seen Jessica Pickowicz’s new blog, A Beautiful Thing? Jessica started this blog only a month ago with the purpose of helping women study the Bible in substantive ways. She’s currently doing a series on Devotional Theology, this week explaining how God Reveals  Himself.

Have you ever wondered What Does It Mean To Take The Name Of The Lord In Vain? Ligonier Ministries gives a powerful answer.

John Ellis of PJ Media uses Scripture to examine Does God Really Hate The Sin But Love The Sinner? He also explains the origin, and therefore the context, of that popular saying. Are you using it correctly?

Michelle Lesley shows us how to Fight Like A Woman, Not A Little Girl. (Hint: the Sword of the Spirit plays a major role.)

Sojourner Between Two Worlds encourages us to consider the importance of Living in Reverence.Present-day evangelicals seem to have forgotten the Biblical mandate to demonstrate reverence toward God in attitude and behavior.

In Falsified Ministries’ Journal, Vince and Lori Williams recount their struggles in Mortifying the Evil Twins that kept them from experiencing assurance of salvation.

Elizabeth  Prata entertains me with her satirical Trip report, Lazarus’ visit in heaven. Although her wit amuses me, she makes a very serious point about our attempts to go beyond what Scripture teaches regarding heaven.

I can’t stop praising the Lord for the privilege of being a member of First Baptist Church Weymouth where I get to hear Pastor Jeremy Garber preach sermons like Mary’s Worship Part 2.
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