Saturday Sampler– June 5 Through June 11

Five Easter BabiesIn her Abandoned to Christ article, June Proclaimed LBGT Pride Month, Sunny Shell makes a compelling case for praying that God will extend mercy to President Obama. Whether or not you agree with his policies (obviously I don’t), you should pray for his salvation regularly.

In Confirmation Bias: Why You Protect Your False Beliefs, Steve Kozar (who writes the Messed Up Church blog for Pirate Christian Media) helps us examine whether we base our beliefs on the Bible or on what our favorite Christian speaker teaches. His article reminds me why personal Bible Study is so important.

Like Rachel, I Don’t Have Enough Faith. Find out why that’s a good thing.

Cripplegate narrates Spurgeon’s account of The Woman Who Needed to Simply Believe as an encouragement to people who doubt their salvation.

Mike Leake, in his article Jennifer Knapp, Trey Pearson, and the Cross We Bear, hit the nail on the head. Whether we struggle with homosexuality or some other life-dominating sin… Wait! Why should I tell you Leake’s conclusion? Check out his blog post for yourself.

Kim Shay (blogging at Out of the Ordinary) has a terrific suggestion for summer reading. She encourages women to lie On the beach with a commentary. Check out the comments section to see  my response.

Tim Challies draws from both personal experience and, more importantly, the authority of Scripture as he explains Why I Am Not Armimian. As an extra bonus, he shows that true Reformed Theology actually promotes evangelism.

Can I write a Saturday Sampler without linking to a Michelle Lesley blog post? Probably not. And her article, 10 Ways Godly Women Can Help Improve the Spiritual Health of their Churches definitely merits mention!

Is rape really a legitimate reason to seek an abortion? Before you dismiss that question as hard-hearted, you might want to read My birthmom was raped. Even if you don’t bother with the article, please watch the video below:

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