This Ends All Fear And Doubt

We understand that Jesus forgives our sin at the point of our conversion. That’s a joyous realization for the sinner who correctly sees his or her wretched state and consequently appreciates the Lord’s mercy and grace to take those sins on Himself in order to extend pardon. We rightly praise Him for declaring us to be righteous before a holy Judge, all because of His blood shed on our behalf.

But will His precious blood also cover sins we commit as Christians? Many people genuinely struggle with fear that they’ve presumed on His grace once too often, or that their ongoing battle with sin gives evidence that they never experienced true salvation in the first place.

Dear sisters, if such doubts torment you, I encourage you to study 1 John to evaluate whether or not you’re really saved. Ask yourselves if your ultimate trust is in your own righteousness or in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you believe His blood atoned for your past sins, you can rest assured that it also covers your present and future sins.

I’ll write at greater length about this matter in an upcoming Autobiography With Purpose post as well as when I blog about the Perseverance of the Saints. But for now, please draw comfort from this beautiful hymn.

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