Orlando And Beyond

ConstitutionI had planned to write another installment to my Autobiography With Purpose series today. Last night I even chatted with a friend to fact-check my timeline. After settling down in bed (I get in bed two hours before lights out because I can’t tolerate the wheelchair longer than eleven hours at a time), I turned on Fox News with every expectation of watching Bill O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies series. Instead, I got a special episode of The O’Reilly Factor, covering the horrendous mass-shooting in Orlando.

Early this morning I wrestled with the question of whether I should go ahead and write the autobiographical piece or comment on Orlando. As much as I watch Fox News  Channel, I’ve been forced to conclude that I’m really not a good political analyst. I feel absolutely inadequate to offer an opinion on this tragedy. More precisely, I’m still trying to process the whole thing from a Biblical standpoint, and I don’t want to spout of a lot of dogmatic reactions without having first evaluated it in light of Scripture.

At the same time, the incident reminds me that I started this particular blog because I firmly believe American Christians won’t have liberty to publicly proclaim the Gospel much longer.   For a few years now, I’ve thought that Christians would be silenced either by the LBGT community or by Islamic fundamentalists. The fact that an Islamic terrorist deliberately targeted a gay nightclub makes me think that both groups (in very different ways) will advance their agendas as a result of yesterday morning’s massacre.

That said, allow me to use this blog post to think aloud about probable ramifications of the situation. I don’t consider myself a prophetess, but I do believe I can suggest two possible ways that Americans might respond to ISIS-inspired aggression against a gay nightclub.

It seems very likely that the LBGT community will double down on their efforts to demand that society uncritically embrace their lifestyle. Ironically, I foresee them directing the bulk of their rage at Christians rather than at fundamentalist Muslims who believe homosexuality requires execution. The local Boston news reported this morning that people are calling for special protection for gays.

I certainly stand against violence toward gay people, just as I stand against violence toward any segment of the population. What happened in that nightclub is just as reprehensible as it would have been if an ISIS sympathizer had opened fire on my church! Please understand this crucial point.

But also understand my concerns that the gay community and its supporters might use this mass-shooting as reason to suppress any voice that dares to challenge homosexuality (or other forms of sexual immorality). Because Americans hesitate to charge Muslims with any wrongdoing, however, the wrath of the LGBT community will most likely be redirected toward Bible-believing Christians.  Consequently, I believe Christians will suffer for this atrocity.

Predictably, President Obama and Secretary Clinton pretty much ignored the issue of Islamic jihad in favor of demanding tighter gun control laws. I believe their political position only plays into the hands of  Islamic terrorists. They already consider America to be weak. Shall we further disarm American citizens when we’ve seen these attacks increase under an administration that, practically speaking, opened the door for ISIS  to develop in the first place?

Back in 1984, I read that Islam’s primary goal is world domination. Back then, I considered that idea to be far-fetched. September 11, 2001 changed my mind.

Obviously not all professing Muslims support jihad.Not all professing evangelicals take the Bible seriously, so it stands to reason that many Muslims soften their understanding of the Koran’s teaching regarding the conversion or execution of infidels. Many may not even realize that Islam considers homosexuality as a capital offense. But the Islamic terrorists are not the lunatic fringe of their religion–they’re the Muslims that take their  doctrine seriously.

As Christians, we need not fear either the gay  community or ISIS, even though both groups threaten to bring us under severe persecution. Regardless of what happens to America, we look toward eternity, when the Lord Jesus Christ will establish His Kingdom!

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