Orlando And Christian Freedom

Rainbow ChurchAgain, I must postpone my next installment of Autobiography With Purpose in order to further comment on the ramifications of Sunday morning’s mass-shooting in Orlando. Just this afternoon I read a chilling article by Rod Dreher on the American Conservative website entitled Orlando: The Reichstag Fire, which intensifies some of the predictions I made in Monday’s first blog post. At first I thought I’d merely place a link to it in this week’s Saturday Sampler, but it didn’t take long to realize that I needed to write much more than a paragraph about it.

I feel embarrassment about switching topics again (especially because just this morning I asked four women to pray specifically for the autobiographical essay), but Mr. Dreher made remarks that mustn’t go unheeded. I beg you, with all my heart and soul, to make time to read his insights!

I won’t spend much time analyzing the actual article. I want to accuse him of being an alarmist, but I’m not so sure that I can do so. For quite some time, I’ve believed that the persecution of American Christians would happen largely (not exclusively, but largely) through the LGBTQ agenda. When I began thinking about the shooting in Orlando, therefore, I had little doubt that the gay community and its sympathizers would capitalize on the event. Dreher simply made me aware that their reaction could have far swifter and more devastating effects on Bible-believing Christians than I imagined.

So I want to respond to Dreher’s prognostications with a few thoughts about how Christian women should handle the persecution that almost certainly will result from the backlash to Orlando. As I said Monday, I make no claim to be a prophetess. But my years of working in ex-gay ministry, as well as my knowledge of Scripture and its doctrines, have given me enough understanding that I believe I can comment with some degree of authority.

Firstly, reading his article reminded me of this  blog’s genesis. After the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage nationwide last June, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before Google shut down the blog I’d maintained on its Blogger service.I knew that I couldn’t avoid writing about homosexuality from a Biblical perspective, and I knew that it would take longer for WordPress to shut me down (particularly because I pay to blog with them). I could easily see that the legalization of same sex marriage would result in restricting the rights of Christians who believe the Bible’s teaching on the sinfulness of homosexuality.

Let me quote from Mr. Dreher’s article to underscore what I’ve just stated.After citing two lengthy quotes by  liberal blogger Zack Ford demanding that Christians acquiesce to the LGBTQ agenda. Dreher writes:

I don’t know how widely shared Ford’s view is among the LGBT community and its allies, but I suspect it is general, and it is sincere. What Ford and those who agree with him are doing is demanding that we give up what we believe to be true, or nothing we say about love, respect, and the rest of it matters.

I believe this will be the line that emerges out of Orlando. And the campaign will happen because it’s in the playbook. GLSEN has over the years managed to get its teaching programs mainstreamed in schools under the guise of stopping bullying and making schools “safe.” The stated theory is that if you really want to stop bullying, you will teach children that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. That is to say, it’s not enough that kids be taught respect and tolerance; kids must be taught that what orthodox Christianity says is not only wrong, but by implication makes schools unsafe.

It has been an extraordinarily successful campaign. And we are about to see it scaled up to the national level. Any Republican politician, and any religious leader, who opposes what the LGBT activists and their allies in the Democratic Party want is going to be tarred as having the blood of Orlando victims on their hands.

I anticipate the comments to this post: “How dare you worry about how this is going to affect your community when we haven’t even buried the victims yet?!” And that reaction, however inadvertently, is part of the campaign. Zack Ford, Rep. Beyer, Bishop Lynch and others are using the Orlando atrocity to advance goals, political and religious. I don’t doubt their sincerity. Nor do I doubt, not for one second, how effective they are going to be.

To which I say, precisely! Not that the LGBTQ community consciously wishes to be a catalyst for persecuting Christians. Rather, they’re tired of us calling them to repentance. They reject the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality, and they will no longer tolerate anyone who challenges their  lifestyle. If that means silencing those of us who stand on Scripture, so be it. They believe it’s their turn to rule, even if it means curtailment of religious freedom.

Even if it means shutting down blogs like The Outspoken TULIP.

But I’m also concerned about the ramifications of Orlando because I believe that many people who call themselves evangelical Christians lack enough understanding, or even appreciation, of God’s Word to stand firmly in the face of persecution. This blog addresses homosexuality as only one of many topics out of a desire to equip Christian women to resist compromise with anything that weakens the authority of Scripture. If we busy ourselves with the self-centered teachings of Rick Warren, Beth Moore, Holy Yoga, psychology or any of the other garbage floating around evangelical circles, we just won’t have the fortitude to  undergo persecution without compromise.

As long as I can blog, I want to encourage women toward sound Biblical teaching so that all of us can prepare for persecution. Progressives won’t waste this Orlando tragedy. Let’s make sure, then, that we know God’s Word well enough to stand on it when  following Christ requires us  to suffer for Him.

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