Saturday Sampler: June 12 Through June 18

Three Little AngelsClint Archer, writing for Cripplegate, looks at seeker-sensitive preaching through two grids: Twitter and the book of Jonah. Intrigued? Then you might want to read  Tweet your testimony: a 5 word sermon.

What can a kayaking misadventure teach us about navigating through the increasing chaos in the world? At Growing4Life, Leslie writers Misplaced Confidence as a timely encouragement to Christians.

Writing in Pirate Christian Radio’s Messed Up Church blog, Matthew Garnett tackles the question: A “Personal Relationship With Christ — Burden or Biblical? Garnett gives a perspective that I’ve never considered before. His ideas definitely merit careful thought.

Michelle Lesley lists  12 Dos and Don’ts for Effective Bible Study for us. Her tips help us guard against mishandling and misapplying God’s Word. After all, why study the Bible in ways that don’t affect how we know and live for the Lord Jesus Christ?

Writing for Ligonier Ministries, Jeremy Pierre explains why God holds people accountable for Involuntary Sins.

Can you be a healthy Christian by isolating yourself from other believers and church history? Persis, one of the bloggers at Out of the Ordinary, argues against that attitude with her thought-provoking essay, Sola versus Solo Scriptura.

Pastor Jon Hawkins writes a powerful piece in Generation: Grace that all professing Christians really need to read. A Pastoral Response To The Orlando Massacre forced me to ask myself some hard questions. And that’s always a good thing!

Glenn Chatfield frequently quotes Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his blog, The Watchmen’s Bagpipes. The quotation concerning Emotion vs Emotionalism applies to the evangelical church even more today than it did when Lloyd-Jones wrote it.

In closing, the following video features Todd Friel giving Six signs you are not hearing Christian sermons at your church. Some of those signs reminded me of churches I’ve attended in the past.

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