Saturday Sampler — June 19 Through June 25

Tulip Sampler 01

In Night Song, Leslie A. of Growing 4 Life encourages us to be irritating mockingbirds…sorta.

Before you share that Facebook meme that, “after all must be okay because it mentions God,” read Elizabeth  Prata’s essay, #memeHeresies on Facebook, how to spot and refute them on The End Time blog. What we post on social media really does make a difference.

Do you know much about Catholicism’s teachings on the Virgin Mary? Test your knowledge against Sam Storms’ article, 10 Things You Should Know About What The Roman Catholic Church Believes Regarding Mary on his  Enjoying God blog. Not one of these teachings has Scriptural substantiation.

So Beth Moore Complains About People Criticizing Her False Teachings. I appreciate Jeff Maples of Pulpit & Pen for reminding us of her unteachable attitude.

Blogging at Abandoned to Christ, Sunny Shell gives us A Mother’s Counsel: Attractive Girls Are a Dime a Dozen. I wish young women everywhere would read this blog post and take it to heart!

Still Be Discerning about Discerners – Discerning Discernment Ministries is a great “tongue-tangler” (I actually challenged Michelle to say it three times fast). It’s also an interesting blog post by Michelle Lesley that discusses the pros and cons of following discernment blogs and podcasts.

Gabe Hughes’ WWUTT video on  David and Goliath clears up several common misconceptions about this well-known story:


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