He Looks On Him And Pardons Me

Certainly we have cause to recognize, accept and confess our absolute wretchedness in contrast to God’s perfect holiness. Too few professing Christians understand the depth of human sinfulness or the height of His righteous purity. Indeed, one of this blog’s main purposes involves showing women how completely unable we are to live in a manner acceptable to the One Who knows and judges the secrets of our hearts.

That said, the Lord exposes our vileness, not to brow-beat us, but to show us His tender mercy and abundant grace. Gloriously, our sinless Savior bears the shame for our rebellion, firmly securing the Father’s favor toward us (if we trust in His shed blood for the remission of our sins). When I remember His flabbergasting love that caused Him to die on the cross for my sins, my heart floods with joy, gratitude and adoration for the spotless Lamb of God. Today’s hymn reminds me of His wonderful grace in bringing me before His Father’s throne.

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