Saturday Sampler — June 26 Through July 2

Three BunniesAs a tribute to the late Jerry Bridges, premiere Christian blogger Tim Challies lists Jerry Bridges’ Seven Standout Spiritual Lessons. I particularly appreciated the comments on faith in Sovereign Election leading to a broader understanding of God’s sovereignty. The same process happened in my life.

Observing the one-year anniversary of the Obergefell vs Hodges decision, Pastor Gabe Hughes preached  a sermon entitled LBGT and How the Church Should Respond to the congregation at First Southern Baptist Church in Junction City, Kansas. It takes time to read this transcript, but I strongly advise that you make reading it a priority. Hughes covers many important facets of this issue.

I’m skeptical of James Dobson in general anyway.  He did much damage by bringing psychology into the evangelical church, and even more by partnering with Mormons and Catholics for political purposes. So pardon me if I agree with Amy Spreeman’s comments in Wink-wink, nudge-nudge: Dr. Dobson leaves questions about Trump’s regeneration, written for Berean Research.

Jessica Pickowicz writes Bible Journaling – What Every Christian Should Know in her blog, A Beautiful Thing. Be sure to consider her perspective.

Writing for Stand to Reason’s blog, Amy K. Hall looks at the lenient sentence Brock Turner received after being convicted of rape. She then asks, Is This Really the Kind of Judge You Want God to Be? Her essay challenges careful thinking about our objections to the doctrine of hell.

Just when you think he’s fading away, Amy Spreeman writes in the Berean Examiner that Rick Warren resurrects Purpose Driven Conference in U.S. to build “process and paradigm” because God “told him” to. Um, I doubt God did.

If you don’t already subscribe to danielthree18, ladies,  please consider doing so. Rachel’s Theology Thursday: Jeremiah 29:11 post wonderfully teaches the proper context of this popular Bible verse, as well as  helping us see what the Lord actually does plan for Christians.

Pastor Mike Abendroth of Bethlehem Bible Church and No Compromise Radio admonishes Christians to Stop Defending the Bible in this video:

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