He Remembers The Weary

Christians have endured another rough week. Honestly, each day I could have blogged about more ripples of persecution lapping at our toes. Oh, I realize that “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” and that Christians in Muslim and Socialist countries suffer far more than we do. Still, the erosion of religious liberty in America seems particularly painful as we celebrate Independence Day tomorrow.

Standing for the Gospel is getting much more difficult now, making compromise more tempting than ever. In addition,  the constant battle to crucify our stubborn sin nature wears at us, keeping us locked in frustration. I understand. Oh boy, do I understand! Living in ways that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, especially in a world that embraces sin and scorns righteousness,  takes its toll.

But I also know that the Lord waits  to show us His compassion. He sees our weariness, and promises to carry us through all the trials that distress us. Today’s hymn encourages me that, even in times when I don’t perceive His presence, He will not desert me.

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One thought on “He Remembers The Weary

  1. Thank you for an encouraging post today. I have found myself struggling with some anxiety recently, which is so unlike me. The future seems so unstable and threatening. God is really teaching me to cling to Him and Him alone. The old hymns that talk about Christ as our anchor and our rock have taken on so much more meaning as we now live in an overtly hostile culture and a dangerously compromising church.


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