America At 240

ConstitutionSome of America’s Founding Fathers may have been genuine Christians, but I haven’t studied enough of their biographies and writings to determine how many of them actually demonstrated signs of true conversion. I’ve read some of David Barton‘s materials, which warrant great skepticism, so I seriously question his assertion that 52 of the 55 Declaration of Independence signers were “orthodox, evangelical Christians.” (Actually, Barton’s orthodoxy might well be questioned also…but that’s another blog post.) So let’s agree that we really don’t know how many of the Founding Fathers really knew the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our ignorance of the true spiritual condition of these men means that we probably shouldn’t insist on believing that the United States of America began as a Christian country. Our Constitution certainly drew on very broad Biblical principles, however, as evidenced by this quote by John Adams:

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

So one could make the case that the Founding Fathers intended our country to operate under some level of Scriptural influence. In that respect, I believe that Christians indeed have every reason to mourn over the moral and spiritual decline of our country. Most Americans used to at least publicly respect Christian values.  But now, and especially since Obergefell vs Hodges, public sentiment runs decidedly against anything that promotes godly attitudes and behavior.

The fact that our presidential primaries have given us Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the presumptive nominees indicts us as a culture that prefers pragmatism over personal integrity.  As these two candidates raise defiant fists at God’s laws against lying and sexual immorality (among other things), those who support them also openly defy the Lord and His teachings.  We want a  government that gives us “free” stuff and celebrates sexual deviance. We want to regulate every industry except the one that kills our unborn babies, and we want to coerce Christian colleges to jettison their  convictions.

Unless God shows mercy at the GOP convention later this month, either Clinton or Trump will destroy America become the next president.  God’s judgment on America?  Perhaps. Definitely a chilling prospect, either way.

But as a Bible-believing Christian, I don’t entirely despair. Our 240-year-old country most likely won’t reach its 250th birthday, and the freedoms that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the 53 others who risked being hung for treason gave us may be snatched from us soon. Yet Bible-believing Christians hope in a sovereign Ruler Who will one day establish His perfect Kingdom. America,  along with the rest of the world, will come to an end (presumably by moral suicide), but God’s Kingdom will never end.

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