Saturday Sampler: July 10 -July 16

Rose SamplerPope Francis recently declared that the Protestant Reformation has ended, defending his pronouncement by explaining that Protestants and Catholics now agree on the doctrine of justification. Not so fast, argues Josh Buice. In a post for the Delivered By Grace website, Buice asks Is the Reformation Over?

Elizabeth  Prata of The End Time reminds us in The Purple of Modesty why godly women can’t use summer weather as an excuse.

I recently discovered a wonderful Bible Study website called Knowable Word. I want to introduce it to you through Ryan Higginbottom’s article, You Are Smart Enough to Study the Bible. While you’re there, please check out their other articles and Bible Study resources. I think you’ll find it helpful.

The Canon & Culture website features an insightful piece by John Partin, John Shelton, and Parker Snider that Christians of  all ages really ought to read. Obergefell One Year Later: The Difficult Path for Millennials outlines the sobering implications of last June’s SCOTUS ruling has for Christians, but it also demonstrates the dangers of subjectively. It’s a must-read on both counts.

In response to the terrible violence that has engulfed our country, Jesse Johnson of Cripplegate gives us 4 authoritative truths based on Scripture. Isn’t it good that God’s Word speaks even to this mess?

If the Church is supposed to be the salt of the earth, shouldn’t we be able to prevent the chaos that is overtaking the world? Shouldn’t we be winning more people to Christ and influencing culture?  Michelle Lesley says yes…and no. Her latest blog post, Is It Really All Our Fault? brings us back to the Word of God to examine our responsibility in society.

Sharon Lareau of Chapter 13 Ministries shares A text to my children about discernment and the church, giving us a good reminder that not everything claiming to be Christian really is. She includes several Scriptures reinforcing the importance of discernment.

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