Saturday Sampler: July 17-July 23

Tulip Sampler 02Rachel of danielthree18 isn’t a singer with R.E.M., but she’s correct in her assessment that It’s the End of the World as We Know It. I appreciated her thoughts on the persecution that Christians really should expect.

Rather than imitating the tactics of those who glamorize spiritual warfare, why not look at it from a Biblical perspective?  Elizabeth  Prata of The End Time has done that very thing in her essay, Spiritual Warfare: What Is It? Please read her Scriptural explanation of this oft misunderstood practice.

I am Ashamed, another probing article by Rachel (okay, I read danielthree18 a lot), looks at why Christian women shouldn’t be ashamed, but also why we should.

So Beth Moore has written another “Bible Study” book on 2 Timothy called Entrusted. Bud Ahlheim, reviewing it for Pulpit and Pen, comments that Beth Moore Entitles Latest Series “Entrusted;” Correct Title Should Be “Mistrusted”…and for good reason. Ahlheim uses a tone that I find unnecessarily snarky, but he also raises important concerns about Mrs. Moore.

In  her Throwback Thursday blog post, Michelle Lesley offers a great example of proper Biblical interpretation. Check out In Case You Were Wondering: Wise Men, Astrology and Horoscopes to learn whether or not God endorses astrology.

Understanding forgiveness needn’t be complicated by psychological distinctions.  Jared Olivetti of Gentle Reformation takes us straight to God’s Word to demonstrate what it means When We Say, “I Forgive You.” Prepare to be convicted.

I definitely applaud Eric MacKiddie of The Gospel Coalition for writing Stop Trying to Make The Bible Relevant to Teenagers. Can we please treat these young people with respect by leading them through verse-by-verse Bible Study and showing them how God’s Word really does apply to their lives?
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