Saturday Sampler: July 24 — July 30

Bezier Flower SamplerIn a guest post for Entreating Favor, Deering Dyer encourages us in a particularly disheartening political season.  Deering, a former lobbyist, writes Pray for Those of Caesar’s Household to assure us that the Lord has  people even in high government positions.

When I started to read Self-Obsession by Leslie A. of Growing 4 Life, I didn’t expect the Holy Spirit to convict me. Leslie writes an essay that none of us wants to read…but each of us should. You may also want to read her follow-up post, The Birthday Party  (or Self-Obsession: Part 2), for clarification on some of her points.

Mercy over at Flourishing Faith, offers this Tuesday Teachable: “It Was Just a ‘White Lie”…I’m Sure God Won’t Mind” as a mini Bible Study for women.

Cody Barnhart, in an article appearing in For The Church, lists 3 Things Sin Can’t Do To the Christian as an encouragement to those who struggle with habitual sin. Using Scripture, he directs us to Christ, Who inspires us toward repentance.

Tim Challies writes Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit to demonstrate how deeply our sin affects the Third Person of the Trinity. Don’t miss this surprisingly encouraging article.

Peter Krol teaches Two Ways to Outline a Bible Passage in his latest article for Knowable Word. He demonstrates the differences between these two approaches, as well as how they work together to deepen our understanding of the text.

Michelle Lesley hasn’t felt up to composing new blog posts this week, so she repeats an essay she first posted in April of 2015. Weak Women and the Idolatry of Personal Experience zeros in on a problem that has troubled me for  quite some time. Please, ladies, make it a priority to take Michelle’s words to heart.

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