Schedule Reductions For A While

Pink tulips framedI take blogging seriously, and do my best to blog daily. Right now, however, various circumstances make it difficult to maintain such a schedule.Some of those circumstances are good, such as day trips into Boston, but we also have less pleasant obligations that demand time and attention. I’m at a point at which blogging must take a back seat to other priorities.

I’ll probably blog most days, but I need to take a few days during the week for other activities. Please avail yourselves of my archives on days that I’m unable to write, or check out my blogroll. And tell your friends about The Outspoken TULIP.


3 thoughts on “Schedule Reductions For A While

  1. Hi Debbielynne, I have to admit that I’ll miss your daily posts- as a long time lurker but first time commenter, I have derived much encouragement from your work. I too have found reformed theology after years of charismatic-lite and easy believism…(our Lord has been so patient with me!). It has been a wonderful but lonely road, and I have found such solace in the writings of many, but in particular that of Elizabeth Prata and yourself. Thank you for your faithfulness to daily writing, and may God bless you as you attend to other business for a season. Tracey


    • Why thank you, Tracey! I will still blog frequently, but doing it daily is just too much right now.

      Please comment more often. I’d love hearing your thoughts and perspectives. When I first renounced Charismatic theology, my pastors had never heard of anyone walking away from it. They considered me quite the oddity. So I always feel encouraged to hear of others who have walked away.


  2. Though I’ll miss your posts…Do what you must do outside of the internet, and take care of yourself & of course your husband ’til you’re able to return!


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