Saturday Sampler: July 31–August 6

Vexel Rose Trio

Douglas Wilson runs Blog & Mablog, featuring essays that frequently fly well over my head.But I understand his pithy article Little Hellions, which points out the tyrannical nature of emotions. Not only do I understand it…I wholeheartedly agree with it! Postmodern evangelicals greatly need to consider Wilson’s perspective.

Of course I love Jane Austen! So when Tim Challies’ blog post, Jane Austen’s Prayer showed up in my email inbox, I got excited. This prayer definitely won’t disappoint you!

Clint Archer, in his weekly contribution to Cripplegate, gives his article a short and intriguing title. Deaconesses? Six reasons explores whether or not the position of deaconess has Biblical merit. Clint answers the various questions about deaconesses from the Word of God, giving much needed clarity on the matter.

If you’re in the mood for a good,Biblical challenge, The Gritty, Grace-Filled Virtue of Self-Control by Courtney McLean of Biblical Woman ought to fit the bill.Courtney looks at self-control as the key to walking in the Spirit.

What Exactly Are “Women’s Issues”? asks Erin Benziger of Do Not Be Surprised. She makes a strong and decidedly passionate case for women learning all of God’s Word…not just the passages on marriage and motherhood.

Back in 2013, the Lighthouse Trails Research blog published the full contents of Roger Oakland’s booklet, How To Know When The Emerging Church Shows Signs Of Emerging Into Your Church. I can’t wholly endorse Lighthouse Trails Research, but this particular article matches many other essays I’ve read as well as my own experience in my last church. And for that reason , I believe people need the information Oakland presents.

Another blog post from Cripplegate, this time written by Eric Davis, assists us in Responding to Miracle Claims based  on personal experience. I would add only that some alleged faith healers have people planted in their crusades who get out of their wheelchairs on cue to give an impression of credibility to the healers.

Leslie A. of Growing 4 Life lets us in on The Thing About Wolves by reminding us about Judas Iscariot. Her blog post also teaches us how to discern false teachers.

The problem with tolerating false teachers is… by Elizabeth  Prata of The End Time directs our attention to how our lack of discernment affects young adults in our churches. I’d never considered that aspect before, but it definitely makes a lot of sense!

Michelle Lesley speaks directly to pastors in Build the Wall and  Station the Guard: A Plea for Pastors to Protect 6 Areas of the Church Vulnerable to False Doctrine in her latest blog post. Not only do her points help pastors, but they remind the rest of us to avoid certain influences.

In his blog, Vassal of the King, Geoffrey Kirkland shows ways to Read the Bible as Your Spiritual Food. I like his emphasis on attitude rather than methodology.
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