All Evoking Worship

When I lived in California, I loved going to Mount Tamalpias. How often I enjoyed the wheelchair accessible Verna Dunshee Trail at the summit of the East Peak! I remember falling in love with that trail one afternoon when the peak towered above a fog bank. As sunshine caused the fog to sparkle, I knew I’d never see anything that beautiful this side of heaven.

A few days before I moved to Massachusetts to marry John, my friend took me up to Mount Tam one last time. That afternoon had crystal clear weather that allowed us to look down the plummeting ravines and out across the San Francisco Bay. We looked down on the back of a hawk in flight — a heady experience, I assure you!

My friend savored the magnificence of the moment (as did I) before remarking with a baffled voice, “I just don’t understand how anyone can deny the existence of God.” I shared her bewilderment. Mount Tam, no matter what the weather, always testified to both God’s power and His attention to detail.

The hymn I feature today reminds me of Mount Tam and its stirring proclamation of God’s greatness. It also floods me with joy as I think about Christ’s sacrificial death for me and the glorious day when I will finally see Him. Next to Jesus, Mount Tam has only enough splendor to begin my worship.

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