Saturday Sampler: August 7-August 13

Heart Sampler 01Ryan Higginbottom of Knowable Word makes it clear that The Bible Is Not Boring as he explains reasons that we sometimes find it dull.  He also offers suggestions on ways to better engage with God’s Word.

Reading Gaye Clark’s article When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband in the Gospel Coalition Blog brings back memories. My first fiance happened to be black, and a few people objected more to the interracial aspect than to the fact that he was also a false convert, unlike Clark’s son-in-law. Clark reminds us that outward appearances have nothing to do with building a marriage that honors Jesus Christ.

Elizabeth  Prata of The End Time warns that Relying on tradition and incomplete knowledge could be devastating . I love this woman’s high view of Scripture!

You’ve got to read The Rio Olympics and Calvin’s Mission by Tim Challies. I certainly didn’t know that Rio de Janeiro  was the site of the first Protestant evangelistic outreach to the Americas, did you? Nor did I know about the Confession that that band of Calvinist missionaries made…at the risk of their lives.

Christina Fox, one of the bloggers for enCourage, writes Older Women, Teach Us to Pray. She offers practical advice on how those of us who have, putting it gently, more life experience, can minister effectively to our younger sisters in Christ by praying for and with them.

Growing 4 Life’s Leslie A. shows that Standing Out in a Sea of Blessed and White is like being a featherless penguin. Furthermore, she insists,Christians need to be this way.

Sometimes you’ve got to state the obvious. Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries, in her essay Despise All Obstructions to Knowing God gives well-known counsel, but counsel that none of us can hear too often

Okay, I’m giving you another one from Elizabeth  Prata. C.S. Lewis, “A Trojan horse for bad theology?” takes on one of my former sacred cows, and does so out of necessity.  I grieve that I, for so many years, winked at his faulty doctrine, but I praise God for helping me value Scriptural truth over literary genius.
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