My Mother-in-law

Pink RosebudJohn’s mom passed away yesterday afternoon, at just about the time I published my blog post. John and I had spent about four hours over there (she’d been staying with family members who took excellent care of her), but John needed to come home to rest.

During the last moments I was in the room, John read Romans 5 to her and prayed over her, thanking God for giving him such a wonderful mother.  She couldn’t respond, but I trust that she heard him. It was a sweet moment to witness, and I thank the Lord and John for letting me be there.

She’d been ill for a while, so it wasn’t unexpected. Many of my absences from blogging occurred because I joined John in visiting her. He went over almost every day this past three weeks; I went less often, but was there Saturday and yesterday. I count it a privilege to have been there this weekend.

She loved my digital art, and pink was her favorite color, so I’ve illustrated this post with a rosebud I drew for one of the birthday or Mother’s Day cards I’d made for her. Hopefully, that will honor  her memory.

My mother-in-law loved people, and loved having fun. She’d look for any excuse to meet people for lunch, preferably at The Cheesecake Factory. She considered shopping a recreational activity, and loved hunting for bargains. I’ll miss making her laugh and watching her enjoy Big Band music. Thanks for all your prayers. Please pray for John.

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One thought on “My Mother-in-law

  1. I’m greived for you and John that she’s gone, but I’m sure she’s happier there! 🙂 She sounds like a blessing to you both and that the time you spent with her was also from God. I will be praying for you both.


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