Hey Jude! Introducing Our New Bible Study

I just wanted to watch Voddie Baucham teach, and the title of his lecture intrigued me. As he expounded on Jude 1-3, I started thinking back to a personal Bible study I did on that epistle a few years ago.

I know I’d said a couple of months ago that we’d study Titus 2:3-5 together, but listening to Voddie Saturday evening changed my mind. I still firmly believe that we need to work though the Titus passage at some point, especially to clarify exactly what older women should be teaching younger women, but Voddie’s talk got me so excited that I’ve decided I simply can’t wait to dive into Jude!

Jude only has one short chapter, but that itty-bitty chapter has some huge things to say about discernment. Earlier today, a reader posted a comment on The Outspoken TULIP  Facebook page that she’s interested in reading about discernment. Instead of always telling you to avoid this or that false teacher, wouldn’t you like me to show you how to discern false teachers for yourselves? Jude can help me give you some guidelines for doing just that.

As an added bonus, verse 2 will allow me to resume my discussion on Irresistible Grace, which I’ve been ignoring, and verse 24 will enable me to introduce Perseverance of the Saints. Thus, we will finally conclude our examination of the T.U.L.I.P. acronym. Sweet!

Ladies, I’m so excited about teaching Jude  every Monday here on The Outspoken TULIP, and I pray the Lord will help us grow in discernment though it. To whet your appetite. I’ll post the Voddie Baucham video to close this blog post.

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