Saturday Sampler: September 11 — September 17

Five Easter Babies

I wasn’t going to read Erin Benziger’s Remembering 9/11: Fifteen Years Later, God Is Still Sovereign in Do Not Be Surprised, but praise the Lord that I did! Her words are sobering and convicting, but also encouraging as they exalt God’s providence and sovereignty.

In a similar vein, Ligon Duncan writes PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE — Should Christians Worry in These Times? for Mississippi Christian Living.  Appealing to 14th Century history, he helps us see how God used calamities like the Black Death to set the stage for the Reformation. History can deepen our appreciation of God’s sovereign providence.

In a brief Bible Reflection, Mark McIntyre of Attempts at Honesty shows us how Obedience, trembling and embracing characterize a healthy relationship with the Lord.

Please, if you have any inclination to use Scripture as a means of self-improvement, consider Elizabeth Prata’s essay, Why the therapeutic gospel is another gospel, in her blog, The End Time. Evangelicals have played with psychology far too long, and it’s led us to develop a gospel much different from the Gospel of the Bible.

In his blog post, These Words Shall Be On Your Heart, Gabe Hughes addresses Andy Stanley’s infamous assertion that “we need to take the spotlight off the Bible.” Pastor Hughes reminds us that the Word of God provides the very foundation of Christianity. At the end of his post, he lists further resources on various problems with recent statements Andy Stanley has made.

Eric Davis of The Cripplegate writes Decision Making & “I Have a Peace About It” to challenge the subjective approach many Christians take in determining what to do. He encourages us to trust the sufficiency of Scripture.  The very Scripture that tells us to battle against our flesh.

Rachel has returned to blogging at danielthree18, and her post, Theology Thursday: Psalm 46:5 helps Christian women correctly apply a popular, but widely misunderstood verse by putting it in context.

When Michelle Lesley gets riled up, look out! I’ve already shared Evangelical Misogyny and the Oppression of Christian Women on Twitter and The Outspoken TULIP  Facebook page, but I’m including it on the Sampler because it’s that important! Ladies, we don’t need fluffy “Bible studies” that dumb down the Word of God. Praise the Lord for women like Michelle who encourage us to eat the meat!

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