Neither Donald Nor Hillary, Thank you

american-flagWhat could I possibly say about this year’s dismal election that hundreds of Christian bloggers more articulate and knowledgeable than I haven’t already said? I come down, after months of prayer and reading, on the side of believing that God has sovereignly placed America under judgment, no matter who wins.

So why am I writing about it today? Perhaps just to satisfy myself that I’ve made a responsible decision in choosing not to vote for president this time around.

Marking my ballot for a woman who militantly  supports abortion simply isn’t going to happen. Even without her Benghazi debacle and email server putting national security at risk, Mrs. Clinton’s position on strengthening Roe v. Wade precludes me from  voting for her. If other Christians vote for her, okay. I’ll trust that they’ve prayed about it and have clear consciences. But my conscience absolutely forbids me to cast my vote for her.

Enough said about Hillary.

Some of my friends cling to the belief that Donald Trump, despite his many character defects, wouldn’t be as bad as Hillary Clinton. They assure me that he would appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, possibility overturning Roe v. Wade. For a few weeks in August and September, their reasoning tempted me to consider voting for him. I thought back over the 36 years that I’ve vehemently opposed abortion, and imagined the sweet taste of  a SCOTUS that started protecting the unborn. I thought maybe voting for Trump might be worth the moral compromise.

But I can’t make that Faustian deal with the devil. As abominable as abortion is, it’s not worth knowingly casting my vote for a man who essentially embodies immorality in every aspect of his life.

Donald Trump can declare himself to champion pro-life causes all he wants, but he can’t convince me of his  virtue. James Dobson insists that Trump recently became an evangelical Christian. Would that be the same James Dobson who introduced psychology into evangelical churches? Um, yes. He’s hardly a poster child for Biblical discernment! Methinks the good doctor is letting his politics cloud his spiritual judgment. Since his proclamation of Trump’s conversion, I’ve seen no evidence of repentance or faith.

And how many of Trump’s sexual partners (consensual or otherwise) may have aborted babies that he fathered? How many women working in his strip clubs and casinos? Maybe none, but certainly his establishments fostered other types of sin. Additionally, he made his millions exploiting workers that he often didn’t pay, swindling those who enrolled in his bogus “university” and taking advantage of tax loopholes.

Frankly, I’m highly skeptical that he sincerely embraces the pro-life position anyway. In my opinion, he has temporarily adopted it to attract Republican voters. Would he really nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court? Possibly. In his first term. To get re-elected. After he figures out that Mexico really won’t pay for his Wall.

If I voted for Hillary, I’d knowingly vote for an extremely wicked woman. If I voted for The Donald, I’d knowingly vote for an extremely wicked man. My vote represents my Christian convictions, and the Lord holds me accountable for it.  Consequently, I believe I should abstain from voting for either.

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