What is ‘Bridal Mysticism’? And why is it so prevalent?

As my regular readers know, I suffered during my single years, longing to be married. Several woman in my church encouraged me (if you can call it encouragement) to let Jesus be my Husband. I sincerely tried to follow their advice, and felt condemned when couldn’t sustain romantic feelings toward Him.

Praise God for Elizabeth Prata’s excellent post exposing the false teaching that we can experience romantic and even erotic relationships with the Lord! Please read her essay to understand the unbiblical origins of this dastardly teaching and how it contrasts with the true Gospel.

In 2005, Beth Moore was interviewed by Today’s Christian Woman magazine. They asked Moore:

Q. What led you to Jesus?

A. Beth Moore’s [2005] answer:

My Sunday-school teacher would hold up pictures of Jesus, and he looked so nice. I needed a hero, and Jesus seemed like one. I’d lie on the grass, stare up at the sky, and wonder what Jesus was like. Even as a child, I fell in love with him. After my freshman year in college, I was a camp counselor for sixth-grade girls. Early one morning, as the girls were sleeping, I sensed God’s presence enfold me. There were no audible words, no bright lights. But suddenly I knew, without a doubt, my future was entirely his. You are now mine, he told me. (source)

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is very much like many other false teachers’ conversion stories.

It’s a…

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2 thoughts on “What is ‘Bridal Mysticism’? And why is it so prevalent?

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Debbie! Heard the same thing during my own years of singleness…and even now. It struck me as odd even then; it seemed a thing too low for Christ, if that makes sense.

    Also, it so often seems to me that the ‘bridal mysticism’ involves all of the ‘romance’ and warm fuzzies and affirmation, but, alas, none of the obedience or quiet and gentle spirit. 😦 The more I think about it, the more it grieves me.

    Thank you again. Have a lovely weekend!


    • Not to mention the frustration when the feelings don’t last. It reminds me of little kids with imaginary friends. Those imaginary friends behave just as you want them to behave, making it all about you. As you said, there’s nothing about obedience at all. I also felt spiritually inferior because I couldn’t experience His romantic love for me. The whole teaching puts women under tremendous bondage.


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