Red Maps And A Longer Blogging Career

Cross of GloryRegardless of political persuasion, America is distracted today. John and I turned the TV off at 2:20 this morning, not realizing that the race would be    called within the next hour. This morning we waited (and waited, and waited) for Hillary’s concession speech.

What had I planned for today’s blog post? I honestly can’t remember. Certainly nothing about the election! I figured Hillary would win, and I’d ignore it. Since Washington would go on with the same sinister agenda that it’s had for the past eight years, I’d carry on business as usual before she used her pen and her phone to silence Christian blogs.

Of course, Trump’s election only delays the inevitable persecution that American Christians will face. More accurately, having Republicans controlling the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate will give us another two years of relative religious freedom (although Trump sympathizes with LBGTQ concerns). I don’t really believe that yesterday’s Republican victory will miraculously turn our nation back to Judeo-Christian values, despite the hand-wringing predictions of my liberal Facebook contacts.

The Outspoken TULIP began, as you may recall, in response to Obergefell vs. Hodges, which nationally legalized same sex marriage. At that time, I realized that the logical conclusion of that decision would be to stifle all expressions of opposition to homosexuality, especially from Bible-believing Christians. Anticipating that Google might shut down my blog because of my Biblical stance on homosexuality, I started this blog thinking that, since I pay WordPress to host it, it would take longer for the liberal establishment to take it away.

That’s not to say that I plan to double-down on blog posts about LBGTQ issues. Definitely, the evangelical shift towards embracing homosexuality concerns me  because it’s one of many examples of apostasy within the visible church. I’ll periodically blog about it to remind readers of the Bible teaching on this matter, but it will be only one of many topics. It just happens that this particular topic could trigger censorship of this blog.

The Republican sweep last night doesn’t make me think that American Christians have now avoided persecution for the duration of  Trump’s administration. It merely gives me a little breathing room. The truth is, persecution will still come, and  Christian bloggers will face restrictions or be shut down. Republican control in Washington just means that we have a little more time to proclaim the Gospel and stand for righteousness.

Hopefully, I’ll remember what I’d planned to write about today.  Having had a  scant four hours sleep, however, added to the  excitement of the dramatic election results, I simply couldn’t think about anything except this temporary reprieve from the threat of losing my blog. Praise God for this extra time to speak out for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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