Saturday Sampler: November 6–November 12

fall-samplerJennifer, who blogs at One Hired Late In The Day, takes advantage of this year’s dismal election to prepare us for the loss of religious liberties our country faces. Her article, The End of Comfortable Christianity, reminds us of God’s sovereignty, especially in times of persecution.

I tremble at The Third Commandment because I violate it during times of panic. As Rachel of danielthree18 explains, this serious sin reveals a heart that doesn’t truly reverence the Lord. I rejoice that the Holy Spirit has given me grace to repent of this sin, and praise Him for using Rachel’s excellent blog post to deepen my conviction about this matter.

In her blog post,  Throwback Thursday: Is 2 Chronicles 7:14 God’s Promise to American Christians Today?, Michelle Lesley examines the context of this popular Bible verse. What she has learned may surprise you. It may also help you read Scripture more carefully.

For a balanced comment on the results of this week’s election, you may want to read So What Now? by Leslie A. of Growing 4 Life. I like her perspective.

Yes, we’ve all heard that tired accusation, “Doctrine divides.” I therefore appreciate A Narrow Minded Woman for writing What Is Doctrine? Her straightforward explanation helps us understand the tremendous value of Biblical instruction.

If you’re like me, personal evangelism doesn’t come easily. So you might be  encouraged by Elizabeth Prata’s post,  How to witness-lite in The End Time.

As Christians, our response to Donald Trump’s election must reflect a Christlike attitude. Stephen Altroggie of The Blazing Center offers us guidelines for doing just that in his blog entry, 11 Resolutions For Living As A Christian in Trump’s America. All of  us, regardless of how  we voted, need to remember these Scriptural principles.

Basing his essay on 1 Timothy 4:16, Tim Challies gives us practical suggestions on how to Keep a Close Watch on Yourself. I particularly appreciate his emphasis on using the Word of God in this process.





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