Christ, Our Solid Rock

Many of us feel relieved as a result of this week’s election outcome, while just as many of us feel fearful and uncertain. And truthfully, no president, senator or member of Congress really has the ability to keep us safe and secure. They are, after all, mere human beings, subject to the same frailties and limitations that you and I experience. Placing too much hope in any human being (even one who appears to represent our values) invariably sets us up for disappointment.

Thankfully, trusting the Lord Jesus Christ gives Christians security no matter what happens on Capitol Hill. Sooner or later, our government will collapse, as all human institutions do. But Christ’s kingdom, because a perfect King rules it in righteousness and mercy, will never fail. Christ remains steady and sure, immovable in His promises and purposes. He serves as our Anchor to hold us fast amid personal and societies storms. The hymn I’ve selected today reminds us to build our hope on the foundation of Jesus Christ rather than on foundations that can’t support us.

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