Saturday Sampler: November 13– November 19


People often turn to false teaching in search of novelty, incorrectly believing that the Bible just says the same things over and over. Ryan Higginbottom of Knowable Word encourages us: Don’t Resist the Bible’s Repetition. He offers important food for thought.

As women, we hear a lot about Titus 2 and the responsibility older women have to disciple younger women. In an essay for GoThereFor, Tara Sing tells us Nine things Titus 2 women do. If you need practical ideas on how to mentor someone, or what to look for in a mentor, this blog post is for you.

Now that Rachel of danielthree18 is blogging again, she’s resumed her series on studying God’s Word. In her article, How to Study the Bible: Part Four: Dig a Little Deeper (part A), she gives some helpful steps for basic Bible Study, showing us that the process doesn’t have to intimidate us. I particularly appreciate her reassurances that we needn’t feel guilty if we only have five minutes a day for Bible Study.

There’s serious danger in loving this world. As Diane Bucknell of Out of the Ordinary demonstrates in her article, Lot’s Wife — A Woman to be Remembered, Jesus told us to remember Lot’s wife for good reason!

Praise God for bloggers (and other Christians) who  have the courage to make me uncomfortable. Blogging for adayinhiscourt (his personal blog), John Ellis writes When Talents, Skills, and Dreams Are Idols about his own conviction to leave his theatre career in favor of serving his local church. His essay challenges me to evaluate my own priorities.

Homosexuality Should Not Polarize The Church declares Christie in a post she wrote for Satisfaction Through Christ. Wait! What’s she saying?  Maybe you should read her post to find out!

Do you ever wonder how to discern good teaching?  Narrow Minded Woman writes False vs. Sound Doctrine to help women understand the essentials of the faith. Actually, even those who are mature Christians can benefit from her reminders.

You know I can’t let a week go by without sharing something that Elizabeth Prata has  written in The End Time. This week, I can’t resist recommending her intriguing little piece, The Forgotten Victorian Craze for Collecting Seaweed, and other biblical thoughts on women’s roles. Doesn’t that sound fun to read?

Melissa Krueger, writing to women through The Gospel Coalition blog, reminds us: Sisters, Jesus is Not Your Cheerleader. Far too many purported women’s “Bible Studies” induce us to believe otherwise.

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