I Promise To Tell You Why

Tulip WaterOh, my beautiful blogging schedule! I had it arranged so nicely, reserving Tuesdays to explore various aspects of the Protestant Reformation. But alas, this Tuesday has been filled with various distractions, leaving me very little time (or emotional energy) for the type of essay I wanted to write.

I don’t want to abandon my Tuesday schedule for writing about the Reformation, mainly because the structure of it keeps me disciplined. And this topic really helps us understand why we contend for sound doctrine.

Putting it another way, I could write post upon post decrying the manifold problems with Beth Moore, Rick Warren, Sarah Young and other popular false teachers, but you would wonder where I got my measuring rod. Well yes, Scripture…but even then, you would ask how I determine my understanding of Scripture. Certainly, the Catholic church teachers a vastly different understanding of God’s Word than Luther, Calvin and Zwingli taught.

How, therefore, did Luther, Calvin and Zwingli arrive at their understanding of Scripture? What aspects of Roman Catholicism did these Reformers protest? By examining these questions, we can better understand the development of evangelical doctrine and how it takes us back to the original teachings of the apostles. Remember, the Reformers did not create a new form of Christianity, but rather restored us to Biblical teaching.

Sadly, today isn’t conducive to such a conversation . I hope next Tuesday will be a much calmer day that will allow me to write a post that begins to tackle the background to the Reformation.

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