A Question Of Tolerance

midwife-tvI merely remarked that I could do without the lesbian story line in Seasons 4 and 5 of Call The Midwife. The first three seasons pretty much followed the books by Jennifer Worth (would somebody remind me to see whether or not those books have Kindle versions?), but once Jessica Raine (who portrayed Jenny Lee) left the cast, the show’s writers had freedom to do whatever they wanted. Clearly, they wanted yet another television show to convince viewers that homosexuality should be condoned.

The story line of Patsy and Delia saddens me. And annoys me. I just don’t enjoy my television shows trying to manipulate me to sympathize with sinful behavior. I certainly feel compassion for people who struggle against same sex attractions, just as I feel  compassion for those who struggle against other forms of sexual temptation. It’s a painful way to live. But please don’t shame me into overthrowing my Biblical convictions on the subject.

Of course, the person I conversed with immediately accused me of being unChristlike because I dared to express my distaste for that particular aspect of Call The Midwife. Never mind that it doesn’t deter me from watching. Not at this point, at least (if they start kissing, I may feel differently). But the person discussing this matter with me found my discomfort with LBGTQ portrayals to be intolerable.

So let me get this straight: I tolerate a sub-plot that violates my beliefs in order to watch a TV show that I otherwise really enjoy, but someone who supports LBGTQ concerns refuses to tolerate my  comment that I’d rather they hadn’t created that one part of the program. And my beliefs on homosexuality, according to my opponent (the daughter of a preacher, whatever that means) are wrong because I base them on an irrelevant book (I presume she means the Bible, which I never even mentioned) when she knows without a doubt that Jesus approves of same sex relationships.

Well, I guess she told me!

I dropped the conversation after pointing out her intolerance of Biblical Christianity, knowing that she’s more interested in denouncing my point of view than in understanding it. Evidently, supporting the LBGTQ agenda requires refusing to tolerate anyone who disagrees with it. But I came away both amused and saddened by yet another example that those who most loudly demand tolerance apparently feel unable to tolerate any opinion but their own.

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6 thoughts on “A Question Of Tolerance

    • I’m not sure you’ve quoted Acts 10:13-14 in context. Continuing in the chapter, you’ll see that the Holy Spirit meant that He extends salvation to the Gentiles, therefore abolishing the ceremonial laws. The moral laws, including those forbidding adultery, incest, bestiality and homosexuality remain. I’ll be linking to an article detailing this very matter in tomorrow’s edition of Saturday Sampler, and I encourage you to take the time to read it.

      The fact that your post begins by presenting that tired old Matthew Vines video makes it difficult to taken your research seriously. I’ve watched his video several times, and have seen how he routinely takes Schedule out of context, using highly emotional rhetoric as his basis of interpretation. This small comment section (and my schedule tonight) doesn’t allow me to demonstrate the problems with Vines’ exegesis of the six “clobber passages,” but this free ebook, God And The Gay Christian? (written in response to Vines’ arguments) may help you see why his interpretation of these passages don’t hold water.

      Remember the first rule for understanding Scripture: Context.


      • If Scripture proves me wrong, certainly I’ll repent. In 36 years of studying both sides of the issue, so far Scripture leads me to the position I hold. But absolutely, if I discover that I’ve misread, misunderstood or mishandled God’s Word on this (or any other matter), I will publicly repent. I’ve already publicly repented of other errors I’ve made, so if, in further study of Scripture, the Holy Spirit shows me that I’ve been wrong regarding homosexuality, I most assuredly will repent.

        At this time, however, I will continue standing on God’s Word, believing that I understand it correctly. Also, unless you can offer solid Scriptural substantiation for your position, I will no longer accept comments from you. But yes, if Scripture proves me wrong, I’ll publicly repent. Will you?


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